INTERMACH 2020 is the first international industrial machinery and subcontracting event of the year. It enables machinery-makers to display their latest technology and manufacturing machinery in Machine Tools, AI, Robotic & Automation to serious decision-makers from across ASEAN. INTERMACH 2020 proudly presents advanced technologies for utilizing smart manufacturing.

The reasons to exhibit INTERMACH 2020

  • 1,200 brands from 45 countries in Machine Tool, Robotic & Automations, Laser Cutting Technology and more.
  • More than 45,000 Decision-makers from across ASEAN.
  • Major Pavilions from Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and China.
  • The first international industrial machinery exhibition of the year - held at the start of the annual industrial purchasing period.
  • INDUSTRIAL SHOWCASE features integrated & advanced manufacturing technology from top brands.
  • 50 MAJOR SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES related to industries such as Robotic & Automation, Future Automotive, Medical Devices, Aerospace and more.