Press Release & Show Update

Okuma and Tech NC confirmed to participate at INTERMACH, May 2022. Joining forces to showcase their latest technologies that meet the needs of the industrial recovery

Following technology disruptions that occurred in the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused each organization to adapt themselves for their survival. New technology trends for 2022 are on the lookout. With the trend to use more automation, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand), a technology leader and leader in fiber laser cutting and EDM, has to continue to support the manufacturing industry in Thailand and the region with Mitsubishi's intelligent technology and innovation to promote the Thai manufacturing industry growth and keep pace with the changing digital transformation era.

Nopadol Kangsachat, Division Manager of Industrial Automation Machinery, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,said that changing technology and the entry of digital disruption is something that we are closely monitoring and continuing to adjust the production processes, products, and services to meet and keep up with customers’ demand in every industry. We also stand by to support the trend of using more automation systems, especially in the products and after-sales service, while can find the defaulted before having a mistake in the production process. This is an innovation that satisfies our customers and is suitable for the digital era that requires precision and slight errors as the digital era are focusing on fast competition, seamless, environmental, and worthiness of resource utilization.

"Technology is very important to entrepreneurs nowadays. Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) has foreseen that we have to decide to innovate and increase the efficiency of today's machines. We have brought an intelligent system or AI Assistance to use in the machine, such as the GX-F Series fiber laser machine, which is the world's first laser technology equipped with the AI Assistance system, the Mitsubishi EDM SG Series, SV- P Series. All have the AI Assistance system installed from the factory to control the operation of the machine and inspect the operation of the machine before the production error occurs. The report will be sent directly to the operator. Problems will disappear when the machines have AI Assistance systems to support the current work," Mr. Nopadol said.

Ready to provide intelligent innovative technology to exhibit at INTERMACH 2022

The company has introduced the latest fiber laser machine: GX-F40, GX-F80, and the machine model SG12, SV8P in the EDM machine with AI Assistance system installed in the technology center at the company’s showroom for our customers to observe and test before delivery and to increase the efficiency of the company's engineers to use the machines and test the machine's maximum capability by themselves. The company also plans to bring our latest fiber laser and EDM cutting machines to show at INTERMACH 2022 in May covering an exhibition area of over 300 square meters, which is the largest space that the company has ever exhibited at the event. This is aimed to demonstrate the full efficiency of our technology development and innovation that is constantly changing and responding to demand at the present time. There will be a showcase of machines, including the SV-P Series, which have special features. It is a machine with a cutting accuracy of up to ±3 microns and outstanding cutting surface smoothness, and it has IDPM3 system for use with graphite electrodes to help the machine run faster and reduce Electrode wear and tear. Moreover, it also has the function of artificial intelligence or AI system that enhances work efficiency such as adjusting the work according to the workpiece condition, controlling the electricity for smooth operation and quality workpieces, and LLTX (Lotus Leaf Texture) that enhances the quality of glass-smooth surfaces to be more beautiful and lustrous, Mr. Nopadol explained.

Confident that INTERMACH 2022 is the best showcase as leading advanced industrial machinery and subcontracting exhibition, gathering highest number of entrepreneurs to be held in the perfect timing in May.

Sukanya Amornurathkun, Senior Event Manager of Informa Markets, said about the investment trend in 2022 that the global economy including the consumption sector tends to improve, while the economic engine is recovering. INTERMACH 2022, which has been organized for a long time at the most suitable time in May, this year is held under the concept of “SMART TECHNOLOGY FOR MANUFACTURING”. Leading entrepreneurs are ready to bring technology for the manufacturing industry with the latest industry solutions to be exhibited at INTERMACH 2022, ASEAN’s leading advanced industrial machinery and subcontracting exhibition. More than 1,000 leading brands in sheet metal technology are confirmed to exhibit in this year's event. Those are such as Mitsubishi, LVD, JFY, Maxiem, Haco, HGTECH, Muratec, DNE, Durma, Penta, Thermatech, Glorystar, Dener. This year marks the 38th consecutive year of the exhibition that showcases technology and machinery that has been in Thailand for a long time; thus, it has been gaining confidence from all sectors. Those who are interested can attend the event and see the real machines and test their performance by themselves at the INTERMACH 2022 to be organized on a normal platform.

Get ready to meet with the latest technology and innovation that never stops of Mitsubishi Electric Automation Thailand at INTERMACH 2022, schedule to be held from Wednesday to Saturday, May 18 - 21, 2022 under the world-class security and health control measures Informa AllSecure at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC), Bangna. For more information and movements of the event, please visit