Press Release & Show Update

INTERMACH and SUBCON THAILAND 2023 showcases the most innovative industrial technologies with the goal of unlocking and uplifting Thai industry into the future

INTERMACH and SUBCON THAILAND 2023, ASEAN's Leading International Industrial Machinery and Subcontracting Exhibition for procurement parts, is promoted under the concept of "Unlocking the Next Industrial Revolution" and also responds to trends in the plastics industry by launching the first comprehensive plastics show in Thailand that prepares the industry for the future.
In post these COVID-19 pandemic times, Thailand's manufacturing sector is seen as one of the first sectors previously affected. Therefore, after a transition of bringing technology to integrate with production, the Bank of Ayudhya Research Center indicates that modern technology is rapidly changing the structure of the manufacturing and service sectors. At present, the world is on a digital technology wave that drives the creation of added value in the manufacturing and service sectors. Applying these technologies results in sustainable growth and strengthens security in the supply chain. With this importance in mind, Informa Markets, as a leader in international exhibitions and business matching for more than 3 decades, joins forces with government and private agencies to organize INTERMACH and SUBCON Thailand 2023. At the same time, the organizer sees the importance of the plastics industry, by organizing the first Plastic & Rubber Thailand 2023 exhibition in Thailand. The goal is to unlock and lead Thai industry to keep up with the competitive world.

Mr. Methawat Sethachindacharoen, Deputy Director of Project Management, Informa Markets Thailand said that “INTERMACH 2023 has been held continuously for more than 38 years. It is the first industrial machinery exhibition of the year that showcases technologies and comprehensive intelligent manufacturing solutions and effectively connects the whole production chain together with machinery, software and advanced measuring equipment including maintenance technology. This is to prepare Thai industry for the future and includes the development of new industries (the New S-Curves), including targeted industries or S-Curve and the BCG economic model. In prior years, the show has received good support and cooperation from all sectors, in particular the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) and the Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association which have jointly organized SUBCON Thailand – ASEAN’s leading industrial parts and business matching event. The show has been organized in conjunction with INTERMACH for more than 17 years. We believe that INTERMACH and SUBCON Thailand is a center and important platform to showcase the latest technology and modern machinery to the manufacturing industry and related industries in the ASEAN region.”

“This year, INTERMACH and SUBCON Thailand has been receiving good feedback as before. It is considered as an important regional forum that connects all sectors, including the public and private sectors, buyers, sellers, entrepreneurs and other supporting parties. This collaboration creates new opportunities and economic benefits to Thailand which is in line with today's Digital Transformation and importantly, it also corresponds to the government’s policy of aiming to develop the Thai manufacturing industry with technology and innovation. This is an important step towards preparing the industrial revolution from the 4.0 era to the 5.0 era in the near future.” added Mr. Methawat.

Mr. Methawat went on to say that “INTERMACH and SUBCON Thailand 2023 will be held under the concept of "Unlocking The Next Industrial Revolution" which focuses on the introduction of digital technology to strengthen the industrial sector including sheet metal machinery technology, machine tools for metal forming, latest welding technology robotic arms and automation, advanced measuring instruments and 3D printers and software. It is expected that this year’s show will contain more than 1,500 brands from 45 countries participating to showcase the latest industrial innovations and technologies at the exhibition. More importantly, there are pavilions of major entrepreneurs from leading countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan. At the same time, there will be over 50 interesting topics at seminars on uplifting products and increasing production capabilities. The seminars will be given by leading speakers from Thailand and abroad which aim to enhance attendees knowledge. The highlight is the business matching program between industrial part manufacturers and large entrepreneurs or buyers. This year, it is expected that more than 2,500 business pairs will be matched, creating a business value of over 8,000 million baht.

Another highlight of this year's show that is aligned with the policy to drive Thailand growth through the BCG economic model and the United Nations Conference on Global Climate Change, is the collaboration with the Plastics Institute and various networks to support Plastic & Rubber Thailand 2023, an exhibition on production technology for the plastics and rubber industry. This is the first comprehensive show in Thailand, which is considered the starting point in realizing the importance of the efficient use of plastic including the concept of plastic production that aligns with the circular economy for sustainable development.  It is also fulfilling opportunities and increasing the potential of Thai entrepreneurs to cope with changes and plan production that is environmentally friendly.