INTERMACH and MTA Asia 2022 - ASEAN's Leading Advanced Industrial Machinery and Subcontracting Exhibition, will provide access to a wide range of smart technologies and manufacturing solutions from leading brands that will help the manufacturing sector adopt and integrate Industry 4.0 effectively and stay ahead.

  • Over 1,000 leading brands confirmed to exhibit e.g., Mitsubishi, Okuma, Sodick, Mazak, Feeler, Hartford, Kafo, Haimer, Mitutoyo, Huawei, Universal Robots, Keyence, DesktopMetal, Seco, Cimatron.
  • Most showcases of top sheet metal technology from well-known brands such as Mitsubishi, LVD, JFY, Maxiem, Haco, HGTECH, Muratec, DNE, Durma, Penta, Thermatech, Glorystar, Dener.
  • Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem Pavilion featuring leading Digital & IOT, and Ecosystem Organisation.
  • Advanced Tech Zone including ROBOT HUB, and 3D Printing Showcase.
  • Major seminars on future automotive, automation, and robotics. The highlight including INTERMACH FORUM#6 'Optimize Productivity and Grow Your Profit with Japanese Smart Monozukuri Technology'.
  • Buyer's Village, meet some of world's leading industrial part-buyers to discuss, negotiate and seek advice on procurement policies.

INTERMACH 2022 Exhibitor Interview

Industry Voices to INTERMACH


Chareonpruek Suthangkorakul
Managing Director

We are the center and distributor of the global-quality sheet metal and machines. Last year, we launched the latest CNC laser cutting machine of over 15,000 watts, - the highest in ASEAN. In the beginning of the year, we decided to attend Intermach only where we will have a large booth. This year, we have the high power laser machine with the highest power in the event. The technology from Italy can enhance the efficiency and productivity, and save the cost which the entrepreneurs cannot miss to check out.


Kitti Tungsongtham
Managing Director

May is the best time for the new machine and technology purchase for the manufacturing factory. We can deliver the products within the year. We will showcase Farley-Laserlab, the latest laser technology which gains the attention, as it can best fulfill the current manufacturing demands of the sheet metal industry. We also have more technologies which we will showcase in the event in this May.


Joshua Tan
General Manager - Regional SEA

LVD is a manufacturer of sheet metal machine from Belgium. We intend to attend Intermac , as it is the event where technologies of sheet metal machines are showcased the most. The event attracts the buyers who have the decision power. In this year, we intend to showcase the technology of high-precision folding machine which adopts robots to its function. Our experts are also ready to provide the consultation on manufacturing technology.


Eakkawee Waitoonkiat
Managing Director

We give high priority to Intermach held in this May. The event covers the bigger area than any other events. We will fully showcase the technology of fiber laser cutting machine, gas and plasma of Thermatech brand which are designed and manufactured in Thailand. In the last year, we enjoyed the warm acceptance from the customers. I am sure that in this year the demand of industrial products will go upward. You can experience the quality products with special offers at the event.


Sawai Chaichanakol

Intermach is the technology-gathering event where the entrepreneurs in the sheet metal industry can meet each other. It is held in every May, the best time of the year. We have long attended Intermach and decided to participate in this event only. Come and experience our latest products and technology at the event.

JSR Group

Annop Jirojjaturonn
Director of JSR Group

At Intermach 2022, we will showcase the completed solutions which solve the customers' accumulated problems in all dimensions. Haimer, the latest innovation from Germany under the concept of i4.0, saves the setting-up time of manufacturing tools. The innovative non-contact measuring tools are outstanding in speed and precision. The 3D SCAN Technology equipped with the automation system is designed by the quality SI team to be your solution. The JSR Group's concept of the theme in this year's event emphasizes on the partnership rather than "vendor". We are ready to serve and provide the best solution under the concept "We Serve Solutions."

Thaisakol Group Co., Ltd.

Panitan Kobkulsuwan
Director of Thaisakol Group Co., Ltd.

At Intermach 2022, as the provider of one-stop-solution, we will showcase our additive manufacturing technology. Aside from the range of 3D printers, we offer the pre-process and post-process products, including 3D scanning which creates the CAD file for printing or item inspection and comparison after printing, and dry electropolishing which polishes the item for the shiny surface.

Tech NC Co., Ltd.

Sunchai Nantakitsopon
Managing Director of Tech NC Co., Ltd.

Intermach 2022 will be a platform where we meet the customers who are the business owners with decision power. In addition, this is the time when the situation returns to its normal state. It should be the year when all sectors fully drive the business again. The entrepreneurs will meet the teams of Tech NC and other technology companies, such as Okuma Machining Centers, Mitsubishi' s Wire-Cut and Shanjia Automatic Foam Sealing. We are ready to provide the services and worthy offers to the entrepreneurs.

Industrial Automation and Robotic Show (iAR)

ASEAN's Leading Exhibition on Automation and Robotics technology

Providing solutions for the industry, a comprehensive exhibition and showcase on automation, software, and robotics technology for manufacturing and related industries. Attended by a wide range of government, private and related organizations to help transform and assist your business enter a new industrial era.

Co-located with

Co-Located with SUBCON Thailand The ASEAN's Most Important industrial Subcontracting and Business Matching Exhibition. This year is a combination of traditional and online activities in order to meet buyer's needs. BOI's offices have been inviting major local and oversea buyers to participate in an online business matching program.

INTERMACH Press Release

INTERMACH and SUBCON THAILAND 2023 showcases the most innovative industrial technologies with the goal of unlocking and uplifting Thai industry into the future

INTERMACH and SUBCON THAILAND 2023, ASEAN's Leading International Industrial Machinery and Subcontracting Exhibition for procurement parts, is promoted under the concept of "Unlocking the Next Industrial Revolution" and also responds to trends in the plastics industry by launching the first comprehensive plastics show in Thailand that prepares the industry for the future

Intermach & Subcon Thailand 2023 will present the theme 'Unlocking The Next Industrial Revolution'

Intermach & Subcon Thailand 2023 will present the theme 'Unlocking The Next Industrial Revolution' while expanding operations to support industrial growth and organising 'Plastic & Rubber Thailand 2023' to receive plastic innovation trends

The corporate and public sectors collaborate the 'INTERMACH & SUBCON Thailand 2022'

The corporate and public sectors collaborate the INTERMACH & SUBCON Thailand 2022'. The 2 years awaited grand opening will exhibit the most revolutionary industrial technology of the future.

INTERMACH 2022 is ready to organize this May, bringing a parade of entrepreneurs to participate in the event on May 18-21, 2022, at BITEC, Bangna

Modern technology and innovation are integral to helping industries and businesses adapt and survive at the present. Therefore, it is imperative that entrepreneurs have focused on technology and innovation. Informa Markets, as an expert in organizing international trade exhibitions, leads entrepreneurs to join INTERMACH 2022, the best showcase as leading advanced industrial machinery and subcontracting exhibition to be held on May 18-21, 2022 at BITEC.

Okuma and Tech NC confirmed to participate at INTERMACH, May 2022. Joining forces to showcase their latest technologies that meet the needs of the industrial recovery

The digital era and modern technologies are transforming the industrial sector into structural reforms. The industry, which is entering Industry 4.0, is not only focusing on productivity competition in line with global megatrends, but also the sustainability of the production supply chain. The main technologies that will play an important role in the industry in the next few years include 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), drones, Edge computing, or Big data processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D printing technology controls digital design and manufacturing.

Approaching to enhanced health and safety standards at INTERMACH & MTA Asia following COVID-19

We recognize the importance of the epidemic control measures that come with Covid-19. This will ensure the health and safety of all attendees; screening measures and procedures have been prepared. These new guidelines and best practices aim to not only give you peace of mind but also help ensure a hygienic, productive, and organized event experience.